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Return to essence

Shamanism, NLP and Spirituality

The journey starts soon

  • Upcoming dates soon to be announced


This workshop will guide you to awaken the divine within, to listen to the wisdom of your soul and your spirit guides, to find a state of inner unity, to be empowered and connected to your sacred self and ultimately be a beacon of hope and light that serves life, humanity and all those around you. In addition to the workshop, we will offer two bonus sessions : "Drum Circle" and " Soul Circle " as well as access to the private Facebook group page.


  • Reconnect with your essence and your Source
  • Learn rituals that can support you in your evolution and connection to your Source
  • Activate and trust your intuition
  • Widen your perspectives of life and see various dimensions of the field and the greater system
  • Learn to listen to yourself
  • Express your inner beauty and sacredness of your being


  • Dates : TBA
  • Time : 3.5 hour sessions
  • Location : On-line Virtual Zoom classroom
  • Bonus dates : 2 x 90 minute sessions
  • Investment : $730,50 CAD / €485,50
  • ***Bring a friend and save € 85.50 each / $125,50 each

We limit the number of participants to 22.

In these times, you are invited to answer the call and find your connection with your BEING, your power and your joy of living. This is a unique opportunity to take care of what is the most beautiful, authentic and sacred within yourself. This is a time to align it all with the divine strength and wisdom of nature and life. WELCOME to the journey.


Shamanism is a practice that incorporates knowledge, skills and attitudes in a holistic and integrative way from various elements such as religion, healing, magic and mysticism, while highlighting physical and spiritual life. The shaman navigates between different states of consciousness and accesses various realities to bring healing, power and information. The shaman communicates with the elements of nature, spirits, ancestors, ascended masters and many other entities that have no physical body on this earth. He is "the one who sees with and from the heart " so that everyone can be ALL they are meant to BE.


Spirituality is living connected to oneself, one's authentic being, one's heart and soul. It is also connected to what is beyond self and greater than oneself. It is a movement of elevation and expansion of consciousness that makes it possible to transcend limits and blockages of our human and material dimension.




Kathrin, born in Switzerland, has been working for over 15 years as an Executive Coach, Change Agent and Leadership Trainer. She is also an NLP Master Teacher. She began her professional career as pharmacist and has spent more than a decade in the Healthcare industry and the Swiss government, enacting multiple management roles. Following a life transition in 2004, she remembered her connection with the invisible world and the ancestors. She dedicated the following years to train in NLP, shamanism, holistic therapies and the study of Zen meditation. In 2015, she moved to the United States to better live her spiritual life. She currently lives in Switzerland, where she works on both, her spiritual projects as well as coaching business leaders and organizations in realignment with their vision and the deployment of a connected culture. In 2017, she published the book 'Dare to Trust - Spirits @ Work' in which she recounts her spiritual awakening path and messages she received from her guides and spirits.

Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau


Colette, founder and director of L'essentiel, is an International NLP Master Trainer with 19 years of experience as an Executive Coach, Life Coach and Business trainer. She works in Quebec, Morocco, France, Finland, UK, Mexico and the United States. She is part of Robert Dilts (world leader of humanistic NLP and developer of SFM - Success Factor ModelingTM) personal Leadership team. She is also the inspirator of the worldwide NLP 4th generation co-creation movement. A global movement that brings together NLP developers, coaches and trainers dedicated to developing spiritual intelligence, connection to Source and NLP's evolution on this level. Colette develops, with Kathrin, Unleashing Heart-Based Leadership, a modeling project of 22 leaders of conscience in heart from the 4 corners of the globe. In 2011, Colette wrote the bestseller Ê.T.R.E. finally oneself - self-coaching and awakening guide. Her passion: supporting emergence and empowerment of each person’s unicity and activation of love, consciousness and creativity.